This ARTicle's aim is to bestow how g2g digital's expertise in the fields of website optimisation, as well as content creation, have benefitted its client's digital presence.


Justlex is a dynamic law firm, which offers a broad range of legal advice not only to private and public companies, but also to High Net Worth Individuals and institutions. Based in Luxembourg, due to its achievements in a such a short time-frame (starting up in 2016), the firm recently expanded into Italy (Milan, Florence, and Cagliari) where it offered a new sort of service integrated in the world of non-performing loans.


The famous saying "with growth comes change" could not prove itself more than with Justlex' experience. The company's online presence was about stagnant since it first laid foot into the digital world in 2016, meaning nothing had changed since then. The CEO, Antonello Senes, was very right to think that with their recent expansion into Italian territory a more affirmative action would come. As a result, G2G Digital is very proud to have eased Antonello and his team's path to the digital scene.


After a careful analysis and consideration of Justlex' goals and aspirations, the G2G Digital team made the decision that the services most suitable for the respective ambitions were two: Website & SEO Optimisation, and Strategy & Content Creation.


In 2016, Justlex had published its own website ( and had been relying on it until thus far. Details such as the top level domain (TLD) (.lu) nonetheless were hampering the continental-wide message the company was trying to convey, therefore leading Antonello to deciding to adopt the current domain

Although dispensable, the CEO wanted to start from scratch, that being where our team stepped in. By virtue of this, as dislayed by the set of images below, the change in the structure was quite powerful as new additions, such as the Case Studies page and the Newsletter element put the firm in a far more converting position (despite its nature as a high-ticket business).